Hints and tips

Wooden churches of Poland

Being a quite traditional country, churches are usually great normal buildings in Poland. But the southern part, and all accross the Carpates and Tatras mountains, you'll be able to see little wooden churches with impressive tower. Some of them are classified, some aren't, but in any case, most of them are located outside of touristic areas, in villages. So if you intend to travel in the country using small roads, you'll have plenty of opportunities to reach at least one.
Price :Free

Happy cemetery

This title alone means everything. A unique peace in Europe where every grave is quite big, with many colors, paintings, and poems written on it, for a very special scenery next to a big church.
Price :2€ but can be seen over the wall quite well

Tunnel of Love

If you're addicted to travel you may have read of this in many websites and blogs. Unknown free jewel in Europe, pretty difficult to find, but locals will help you, it's the proof that the nature is rulling the world, and as long as humans desappear from a spot, it will do her job, as stunning and perfect as possible. Get some shoes as you have to walk on a railway with bad plants, and try to catch the fairy.
Price :Free

Decebale's Statue

Once upon a time, in Romania, a king called Dace was ruling the country. Today, the heritage is mostly Dacia, the famous car brand, and this 50m tall rock sculpture along the Danube, in Portiere del Fier ( Iron Gates) national park. If you drive on the romanian side of the 2 roads following the Danube's stream, you have to stop there few minutes to enjoy this nice place.
Price :Free

Belogradchik castle

With several thousands of castle, Europe is definitly the place to be if you want to visit one. But among all of them, some are really modern, and cosy, while other are ruins in different shapes. Belogradchik, lost in the middle of hills where boulders seem to have be falling from the sky, it is probably the best combination of fortress and surroundings you can have in this part of the world. Almost free, you will enjoy the view, even with bad weather.
Price :3€ or 5Leva

Abandoned bobsleigh track of Sarajevo

Being influenced by so many different civilizations due to its history, one of the last war-impacted city as well, Sarajevo has a lot to offer. But most of the tourists don't know, or are too lazy to climb the 5km to the abandoned bobsleigh track used for the Olympics when the country still belonged to Yougoslavia. The road is very steep, so cycling may not be a good idea. After 1h30 walking on the asphalte, you'll reach the concrete remains now covered by many graffitis.
Price :Free

Tito's bunker

One of the most incredible human construction of the 20th century by its size, its furnitures and ... the fact that it was unknown to everyone even 20 years after being done. Today, a museum of modern art is set in the brand new inside of an unused anti-atomic bunker build by the Yougoslavian secret services. The ticket is quite expensive, but it's a unique piece of its kind, and the guide, working for the Tourist Office of the county will give you loads of informations, and answer all your questions, if you can't really imagine how did a huge amount of concrete like this stay invisible to everyone's eyes.
Price :9€

San Marino's Mount Titan

Amount the readers of this blog, very probably some of you have never heard of San Marino, which is one of the 4 smallest countries in Europe with Vatican, Monaco and Liechtenstein. However, being tiny doesn't mean that it doesn't deserve a visit, and the impressive peak, in the middle of an already hilly landscape, crowned by a castle and several towers is really something that you can add on your to-do list if you're planning to cross Italy. Entrance of the old town is free and except if you'd like to visit some museums, the stroll inside paved streets will definitly let a stamp in your journey in case of San Marino would be tempted to disappear again from your memory. The view is impressive on both sides, it seems to be a movie-made place.
Price :Free

Middle finger of Galileo

Florence has much to offer, but instead of staring at buildings like in many old towns, to admire the architecture, a second activity, still pretty common in a tourist's schedule; is to go to the museum. Galileo's museum of science, is a very complete and interesting one. But among all the astrolables, globes and others items used by scientists until now, one odd thing ( in fact few others as well) are visible under a little glass, to protect it forever. The scientist middle finger!
Price :9€

Cinque Terre

Another famous place in Italy, even it's not as popular as some historical cities like Rome and Venice. Divided into 5 very colorful villages, at the bottom of cliff, or even dug in them, it's one of the gem of the italian coast. Arriving by train, you can arrive straight in the center of each one, and enjoy the colors, the sea ( most of them are not swimming-friendly however). Arriving by the road, you'll have a steep way down, and the same way up, to come by on the national road. But you may catch some interesting viewpoints, even if they are not so great due to the rocky formations which are hiding the villages as long as you don't reach their gates. The later you'll arrive, busier it will be. The Path of Love was closed in 2017 due to a recent landslide, so the more picturesque path among them is closed. You can still find some paths through vineyards, so if you see some guys lost in their middle, you may find an entrance to be there as well in the surroundings.
Price :Free

Lago di Resia

Unknown place in the Austrian part of Italy, there used to be a lake there. After an artificial lake has been created there, the bell tower of the church is the only evidence that human were living here before. Unique, and very special, definitly worth a stop if you are driving from or to Austria.
Price :Free

San Pietro church

You are in the North of Italy, in the first slopes of the Alps. When suddenly, you decide to follow the path to a village called XXXX where a church out of this world, or out of Italy, like if the Russians would have invaded the land of pizza, built it, and then fled back to their land. This little church, so normal for orthodox eyes is odd in such a landscape and in this region, among greenery and high mountains forest.
Price :Free

Mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan

Mostly famous because it's mentionned in James Bond, due to his petrol resources, Azerbaijan has surprising natural places, and some of them are not so numerous in the whole world. From the capital city, if you drive South about an hour, in direction of Iran, you'll find, but you need to check on the map, and then to follow your instinct to reach them, mud volcanoes. There is a path for cars to come there, but I don't know exactly where is the entrance. A big further XXXX national park roadsign. By foot, I have been dropped off almost in front of the harbour linking to Kazakhstan. Then, you walk on the land, cross a railway, walk over or under an oleoduc, climb a little hill... And some bubbles will appear soon. In fact, the first sign that you're not lost, is that the earth will start groaning. It means that you're on the good way, and this sound will be soon transform into bubbling puddles. Keep walking a bit, and some tiny peaks, about a human height, all grey will be offering a weird throwing up show.
Price :Free

Bua Daeng Lotus Lake

Lost in the middle of Isan province in Thailand, is an ideal pink scenery, that consisted of a wide lake covered in the good season with 90% of his surface by lotus. However, the view from the shore doesn't offer this show, so you'll have to pay for a little boat trip of an hour, to be in the middle of this wedding picturesque scenery
Price :About 8 euros for a boat trip

King Cobra village

About 1h far from Vientiane's border crossing, you'll see on the main national road, roadsigns to this place. After about 15km in the adjacent county road, still asphalt-covered, a tiny village will offer a incredible show, with men fighting cobras. Kids are also playing, but with smaller and less dangerous snakes. Others reptiles are visible or can be bought. But the main event is the king cobra majestic fight versus an old human able to hyptonize it.
Price :2 euros for the snake show

Dragon bridge on weekend's evenings.

Danang is a nice big city to be, by being located along the sea, between a hill to its North offering nice panoramas, and Hoi An, famous old fisherman village. However, Danang itself seems to be only a standard vietnamese now. But every Saturday and Sunday evening, at 9pm, the dragon shaped bridge will spit fire and water for few minutes.
Price :Free

Tuz Golu salt Lake

Its name means salt lake, and it is one of the nearest to Europe with a quite impressive size as you can't see the end of it. Lost in the middle of Turkey, a bit South of Ankara, without being promoted, only turkish people with go here. But it's an incredible view with a huge crispy mirror that offers perfect reflection on it, as well as chips-chewing sound while walking on it.
Price :Free

Koh Bulon Lae

Thailand and its paradise islands. Plenty of them are famous by now, and most of them are not authentic anymore, with concrete all around, and big resorts. However, on the way to the famous and crowded Koh Lipe, you can choose a chilling ride to Koh Bulon Lae, where you'll be able to sleep in cheap bungalows, in resorts, or in your own tent for free. Much more than that, the wildlife on the island is quite interesting as some water monitors, and calaos are easily spotted everyday where you'll be walking. The white beach were boats arrive is also nice for a swim.
Price :Free but need of a 10euros ticket for the ferry to come in.


South of Mostar, an old dervish muslim monastery is open to tourists, but more than the building itself, its location on the bank of a river appearing from the cliff, and then creating little water terraces is stunning.
Price :Free

Dom na Drina

Secret weird place in Serbia, on the mystic Drina, one of the most beautiful place for its people, a fisherman has build a house, perched on a rock in the middle of the water. Nothing else to see, but it definitly deserves to be seen one.
Price :Free

Linh Quy Phap temple

Visiting Vietnam is often done by motorbike, and religion isn't the main purpose of a backpacker as socialism is not pushing it unlike its neighbor of Thailand or Laos. But among buddhism, catholism, and coadaism, some religious places are worth a visit. Lost in the province of Lam Dong, next to Bao Loc city, Linh Quy Phap temple is a stunning place for sunrise, a bit too famous among locals as you may among hundreds of them at 5am. A good idea is to come the day before, in the evening. You'll be welcome by monks, with some youngsters able to speak english. And you'll be invited to sleep in their dorms and share their food as well. Having a great moment with them, even unique with some walks at nights and buddhisme practice, you'll have to wake up early in the morning with them to pray, but you'll be for sure on time to witness the amazing scenery with the surrounding hills revealing themselves with the first sunlights.
Price :Free

Kaiping diaolou

Unique in the world, the Kaiping Diaolou are a family of villages in china, will fortified watchtowers around. Hundred of them can be seen in this part of the country, if you lose yourself in the countryside. Some of them are really remote, while the most famous, and probably almost intact one are in few villages with untouched architecture. Almost every village needs an official ticket to enter each area. With lotuses, rice fields, and traditional houses around, this is a picturesque place to visit if you are in Guangzhou province.
Price :Between 8 and 12 euros for each site

Wat Baan Rai

If the artists weren-t eccentric, we won-t be able to see many uncommon things. That-s what happen when you drive in the South of Isan province, and suddendly, at the horizon, a huge elephant appears over the trees and the roofs. Built recently, this temple is full anachronism, and great painting, mixing buddhism and the current society. A kind of street art, but without streets, with so much details. Enjoy each pillar sustaining the elephant body!
Price :Free

Urgamal to Yaruu steppes road

You can sleep on the river banks if you?re fancy it, or if you started the way done too late.
Price :Free

Camping on Koh Rong Samloen

In 2015, it was on one of the 2 most touristic islands of Cambodia, that I had this incredible night vision. However I don't know if it's still alright to camp there now, as more and more bungalows are being built on what used to be a desert island 10 years ago. But the midnight bath with sparkles all over you is an great feeling and view
Price :Free

Mohammedi village

Price :Free

Aran o Bigdol Shrine

Quite unknow shrine in Iran, which made it not popular at all among travelers considering the numbers of important religious building in Iran, this one, is a beautiful one, very large. And I had the privilege to sleep inside.
Price :Free

Celica Old Prison

Despite the fact that Ljubljana is a lovely city, it has a pretty underated district, made of an old prison which has turn in a street art and underground quarter, with walls decorated, independants artists and gigs nearby. And a nice hostel in the middle of the complex
Price :Free

Tagong village

Probably not the best of the Sichuan province, but quite an authentic one that can be randomly chosen on the road to Tibet or back to Chengdu. Grasslands, plenty of monks, and temples surrounded by hills and snowy mountains.
Price :Free

Vaduz Fortress

Capital city of one of the smallest country in the world, Vaduz is an interesting place to be for few reasons, like for example the cows among houses, and vineyards, which are unusual in a capital city. But its castle located on the edge of a cliff, just over the current city center is a sight which gives for sure charm to Vaduz.
Price :Free

Bamberg old town

Among all the famous touristic sights in Germany, Bamberg is probably one of the most famous for locals, and a unknown one for foreigner. Nice town in the North of Bavaria, the city center offers everything that architecture's interested would look for, with authentic facades, cobblestoned street, and the very unique island-building connected by bridges, on the way to the old town. Free
Price :Free

West Coast of Denmark

With all its population on the East part of the peninsula, and the island of Copenhagen, West Denmark sounds wild. And it is. From Ribe, oldest town of the country, to the fjord, not as massive as the word Fjord might be in your mind, the few hundreds kilometers along the coast, through National parks, sandy unending beaches, and the cold weather flora offers a very interesting place to travel to, and spend few days, from a place to another, to enjoy the wilderness.
Price :Free

Abandoned waterpark in Hue

City of Kings in Vietnam, with most of the kings grave in the surrounding, and the only real citadel of Vietnam, Hue offers a nice place to go for Urbex addicts. About 15km East, but only 2-3 kms from some Kings' graves, a waterpark closed due to bankrupt offers really nice pictures to the one who are able to get in, avoiding or chatting, and persuading the guards that you won't destroy the place. Still guarded because the government hope that somebody will buy the land, and make some decent business again, the mighty dragon in the lake, the waterslides lost in a forest, and the stories of crocodiles, and injured backpackers are a combination that should give everybody the desire to have a look to this nice abandoned complex.
Price :Free

Long Neck villages

Price :Free

Take the train in Myanmar

Price :Ticket fare, few euros

River in Laos

Price :Around 30euros per person

Ha Giang Loop

Price :Free

Ban Gioc Waterfall

Price :80k vnd

Lembata whale hunter village

Price :Renting a motorbike for the day ( about 150k rupiah)

Ascent of Mt Tidore

Price :Free

Spider Ricefields

Price :20k rupiah

Togian islands

Price :Ferry + accomodation on the archipelago

Top of Ramelau Mount

Price :2$

Lospalos area

Price :Free

Bilzen Castle

Price :Free

Dordrecht old town

Price :Free

Shining Street Art of Kreuzberg

Price :Free

Abode of Chaos - La demeure du Chaos

Price :Free

The outside of Chenonceaux castle

Price :Free


Price :Free

Cat museum in Kuching

Price :5euros

Ghenh Da Dia

Price :80k vnd

Price :