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Roman empire heritage, colorful villages in rocky bays, land of the pizza and pasta, a country where you can find almost everything you may look for during a trip

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Piso reclined tower

Florence city center

Visiting the Cinque Terre villages

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Piazza Michelangelo in Florence

Not secret at all, maybe the less "tips" of this list, Florence, capital of the so famous Tuscany, is a jewel, and has an important place in differents subjects tought in school. Become it was were Da Vinci studied, and where his eternal rival MichelAngelo also worked. The most famous square of the city, on the top of the hill, on the southern bank of the river, is wide, and offers a view of all the domes and bell towers quite stunning. Walking up there if you don't really like public transportations, you'll find different gardens offering viewpoints. But the one on MichelAngelo square ( piazza), is really the best that could have been made to contemplate 2 of the most famous artists ( and one mathematician called Galileo) city.
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Middle finger of Galileo

Florence has much to offer, but instead of staring at buildings like in many old towns, to admire the architecture, a second activity, still pretty common in a tourist's schedule; is to go to the museum. Galileo's museum of science, is a very complete and interesting one. But among all the astrolables, globes and others items used by scientists until now, one odd thing ( in fact few others as well) are visible under a little glass, to protect it forever. The scientist middle finger!
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Reclined tower of Pisa

Not really normal to find a worldwide famous monument in such a list, but I'll try to give you the only secret I have. Be there as early as possible in daytime. Arrived just after sunrise, when its structure was still in the shadow, you may be able to enjoy the first rays of the sun without anyone. If you arrive 20 minutes to late, you'll be facing what you can imagine in such a special and mighty place : huge crowd, plenty of selfie sticks, and no freedom move or catch your own moment with the tower.
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Cinque Terre

Another famous place in Italy, even it's not as popular as some historical cities like Rome and Venice. Divided into 5 very colorful villages, at the bottom of cliff, or even dug in them, it's one of the gem of the italian coast. Arriving by train, you can arrive straight in the center of each one, and enjoy the colors, the sea ( most of them are not swimming-friendly however). Arriving by the road, you'll have a steep way down, and the same way up, to come by on the national road. But you may catch some interesting viewpoints, even if they are not so great due to the rocky formations which are hiding the villages as long as you don't reach their gates. The later you'll arrive, busier it will be. The Path of Love was closed in 2017 due to a recent landslide, so the more picturesque path among them is closed. You can still find some paths through vineyards, so if you see some guys lost in their middle, you may find an entrance to be there as well in the surroundings.
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Lago di Resia

Unknown place in the Austrian part of Italy, there used to be a lake there. After an artificial lake has been created there, the bell tower of the church is the only evidence that human were living here before. Unique, and very special, definitly worth a stop if you are driving from or to Austria.
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San Pietro church

You are in the North of Italy, in the first slopes of the Alps. When suddenly, you decide to follow the path to a village called XXXX where a church out of this world, or out of Italy, like if the Russians would have invaded the land of pizza, built it, and then fled back to their land. This little church, so normal for orthodox eyes is odd in such a landscape and in this region, among greenery and high mountains forest.
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