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Sarajevo remnants of the war Mostar

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Abandoned bobsleigh track of Sarajevo

Being influenced by so many different civilizations due to its history, one of the last war-impacted city as well, Sarajevo has a lot to offer. But most of the tourists don't know, or are too lazy to climb the 5km to the abandoned bobsleigh track used for the Olympics when the country still belonged to Yougoslavia. The road is very steep, so cycling may not be a good idea. After 1h30 walking on the asphalte, you'll reach the concrete remains now covered by many graffitis.
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Tito's bunker

One of the most incredible human construction of the 20th century by its size, its furnitures and ... the fact that it was unknown to everyone even 20 years after being done. Today, a museum of modern art is set in the brand new inside of an unused anti-atomic bunker build by the Yougoslavian secret services. The ticket is quite expensive, but it's a unique piece of its kind, and the guide, working for the Tourist Office of the county will give you loads of informations, and answer all your questions, if you can't really imagine how did a huge amount of concrete like this stay invisible to everyone's eyes.
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South of Mostar, an old dervish muslim monastery is open to tourists, but more than the building itself, its location on the bank of a river appearing from the cliff, and then creating little water terraces is stunning.
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Dom na Drina

Secret weird place in Serbia, on the mystic Drina, one of the most beautiful place for its people, a fisherman has build a house, perched on a rock in the middle of the water. Nothing else to see, but it definitly deserves to be seen one.
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