Useful traveling links

Useful links for traveling like I did


Probably the most famous of these links. A portal where you can either find hosts when you travel, or host guests if you have a place to stay and something to offer to sleep, from just a corner of a room, to a private extra bedroom. Sleeping should be free, and meeting locals is very probably the most important and unique part of a trip we have to experience


A new generation of CS, with people classified by "group" depending what you like. Categories are for nomadic travelers most of them, from Busking to Hitchhiking through Dumpster Diving or Dancing Last minute request for a place to stay is quite popular as the community is not so public


The Wikipedia-like page with every part of the world information, and tips. Written and updated by us, travelers, or locals, this is the very useful page if you are traveling either on budget or with a lot of money Information are detailing every side of a journey, from the arrival, to the recommended place to eat, to sleep, and to work eventually

Visa policies on Wikipedia

The visa policies pages on Wikipedia are the free holy book of visa policies and requirements in the world. Updated by any who has recent informations, it allows people from every country to know what is needed for a trip abroad, depending on his origin. An easy way to get to the correct page, is to enter 'Visa Policy Iran' in Google's searchbar. Then you will be redirected automatically to the page having the information for the country you are searching for.


The free holy book of Central Asia. How to get there, how to make the visa, secret places to visit, food, and political updates in case of conflicts ( as there are many minorities, so a riot may happen from time to time). Definitly useful in this part of the world, quite authentic and secret, but definitly worth a journey there


Strava : A great companion for cyclists or other people traveling by foot/skateboard or any other system without an engine. Offering a very complex map system, to show/make an itinerary, including as well the elevation


Warmshowers : A couchsurfing like website designed especially for cyclists community, who doesn't really know where they will arrive after a day on the bike. Last minutes requests are popular

Traveling insurance

Traveling insurance