About me

Who am I

Tall since I'm young
Beardy since I'm able to grow one
Passionate of history and geography
26 years old at the time I left
Having been working 5 years beforehands, to enter the normal way of life, and save a bit of money.
Attracted by the Mongols and Huns' history of devastation and slaughter

Why did I leave?

Having been captivated through books, stories, movies when I was a kid, I remember that I told my parents that I wanted to be a globe-trotter when I'll be grown up. However, my family are not really involved in my deep desire of traveling which has became my reality a day of July 2014.

I am from a pretty quite place in France, surrounding by hills, and friendly people. Not famous on a big scale, it is a warm place, with his secret pride, like some stinky cheese for cold winter evenings, and some sparkling wine for the happys days.
There is even a pretty funny joke which has became material few years ago, when everyone was watching TV and the independantists groups everywhere. Let's make one for ours. Then Tshirts ( I am wearing one on my travel when I visit a nice place), and stickers have been printing to make the joke more worlwide, when guys from there are going for a short trip.

Anyway, being 21 years old, I had my first paid holiday of a worker, and I went alone to Malta with my backpack, and crossed all the islands only by foot in 10 days for about 300km. Next holidays became as adventurous, experiencing different places, different ways of transportations, but only in Europe. Indeed, I started saving money when I got my first job, in case of one day, I'd be free ( no girl, no kids), and with a little bit to survive for a long period.
A friend of mine then did something similar to my desire, by crossing the Atlantic by hitchhiking during a sabbatical year.

If he did it, why can't I do it as well. That's how, after 5 years in an IT company, talking to lots of people as my position was an helpdesk technician, I decided to lose myself.

Actually, before becoming pretty much a nomad, I never hitchhiked before. Never cycled more than 20km in a day

Travel : What for ?

Leaving the country, with some savings, I didn't really seek sponsors, or any motto to follow. I had in fact, not really an idea of what will happen, what I will like, how amazing it would be. I just let myself as much freedom as I could... except that I got a girlfriend just before leaving, complicating a bit the process and the feelings during the first week. But, how did I do my way, with no aim ?

Well, I was dreaming of some lands, because of history and other pictures I've seen before. Then, I draw those circles in my head, and they would become my checkpoints.


  • -Tent
  • -Air mattress
  • -Sleeping bag
  • -Cooking burner and pot
  • -Passport
  • -Laptop and camera
  • -Trekking shoes and flip flops
  • -3 pairs of socks , 4 underwears
  • -3 pairs of shorts, 1 of them pants convertible
  • -4 tshirts
  • -1 sweater
  • -1 scarf/keffieh
  • -Medecine case
  • -Miscellanous ( batteries, maps, charger, mosquito spray, camel bag)
Weight of the bag without food and water : about 13kg